Thursday, October 16, 2008

if you get eaten by a will be a pike.

So let me just stop and brag for a moment....since I left The Bridge, I have lost 6 pounds!!!!

Speaking of The Bridge..I'm heading that way tomorrow. I have been sitting around for a while now, and since I have got about as far as I can go with out a job. So I'm going to spend some time with the people I love, but left behind.
NOTE: I am not in any way shape or form planning on going back. I love where my life is going. I love living with T( for now) and I DO NOT I repeat DO NOT want to go back.
But I'm sure I will have all sorts of stories after these few days to blog about. And on top of that I have pretty high hopes that Cody isn't even going to make the journey across The Bridge to see me. (oh Cody I wish I had to say more, But I believe these readers already know).

I hope that for some magical reason jobs will decided to call me back, just because I am out of town. I do have to say that is in the top 5 reasons to go to The Bridge this weekend.

So about my title. I came about today T left little J and O with me for a little bit this afternoon. O wanted to read stories, he brought out this book. Something to do with a boy who wanted to be a duck, and turns into a duck. This Drake tells the boy/duck that he could have been eaten by a pike. This really struck to O, he wrote a note to his mom about being eaten by a pike. When I asked O what it said he replied " If you get eaten by a will be a pike. And that will be bad, cuz pikes have teeth."
I thought that was just way to cute. However I also have applied the logic of this 4 year old to this weekend.

I was swimming in a pool full of piked out there in The Bridge. I was slowly getting eaten by them, and was slowly turning into them. I finally feel like I'm not a pike anymore...... so I need to be extra careful that I don't turn back into one.
If you get eaten by a will be a pike.
Good advice O.............

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