Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Holy Crap and much more vulger expressions.

So my weekend in The Bridge.

not easy to sum up that experience......but I'll try. I'll give you a play by play.

Day One- Friday
I get into The Bridge at 515....laura meets me. Cody does not ( of course). I call him, not even mad just wanting to know if we would see each other at all that weekend. He went to Calgary.

Side note: I don;t know if you know how infuriating it is to go visit your friends, and have the one you really want to see in the town you live in!

I being so Christ like, forgive and forget and make my way on over to Matea's house to parrrtay, and get ready for a YSA dance. We go to dinner with Steph, go to dance. have about the most fun i have had in a LONG LONG time. oh and I find out that my ex roomie/ friend since grade 4 is engaged. Did a happy dance with her. I'm her Maid of Honour! um woot that made my life, I knew I was loved! lol. I go to Laura's to crash, go to bed about 3am after much laughter with Din.
Friday was by far the funnest night I had.

Day two- I wake up at 7, I went to bed at 3 so I have no idea why my body felt it needed to be up at 7. but it did. so I walk around, think about how bad I hate Cody some days, get this way over whelming feeling...freak out a bit....wake laura up and tell her she must entertain me. We go downtown and meet up with My newly engaged friend, and go ring shopping, dress shopping, cake shopping, invitation shopping and just about every other thing that can be shopped for, to do with a wedding. that was a blast I wont lie. By the end of the day I was ready to call up an old friend and tell him we needed to date, cuz I really wanted to get married SOON. lol. lucky for him ( and me) that wore off.
Later on that day Blake showed up

Side Note: I haven't seen Blake in about a year, so it was a reunion of epic proportion.

We had a blast all of us together, started watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"............. wasn't what I was expecting. ew transvestites.
Then came the drunkenness I had been waiting for. It surprisingly didn't piss me off as much as usual. Din being rather drunk picked a fight with a rather large women in the parking lot, managed to explain to me and Laura about why he liked us. (the main reason was that we were white). he then taught us how to make fry bread, and through Laura's black glossy heels off of the balcony on to the front lawn. In days past this would have really pissed me off.......Saturday night I found it hilarious, and enjoyed every bit of it.

Day Three- Sunday
Went to church with Matea, I hate her singles ward its rather lame. I had far to much time to think.......this was the day things took a turn for the worse. I was tired, Steph blew me off. So I spent the whole day talking about life with laura and watching gay 1940s movies. on top of that I knew Cody would be back Monday.....emotions were high about seeing him.

Day Four- Monday
I woke up and asked my mom to check my email...............it was all down hill from there. After a long cry about how my life seemed to not be going anywhere in my new town and how I missed my friends, I was convinced to go talk to Steve. I hung up and went to talk to Laura...............which ended in me bawling about not being able to handle seeing Cody.
the afternoon consisted of Me meeting up with Cody and having fun. and not having as hard of a time as I thought. Mostly I think seeing him happy, after he's been miserable since I left, made me happy.
By then End of Monday emotions were high, confusion was higher and anticipation for today was at a max.

Day Five- Tuesday
i went to Calgary to see Steve.
had a panic attack about using Calgary Transit.
Got balanced
used Calgary Transit
Came home....back to my safe, happy house of screaming little kids and yummy food. Oh how I missed each scream and stomp. (I'm not even being sarcastic.)

So this vacation is 50 50.
50 % makes me want to swear words I don't even think are English.
50 % makes me smile so big its scary.

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