Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm back! and alive (barely it was a long trip). I could give you a play by play, but I was gone for over 10 days and well I just don't want to write that much. so here are a few Christmas highlights!

-David is exactly the same as when he left. Same corny jokes, same bad fashion, same conversation skills, same weight, same height, the list goes on. however he does help out around the house more. All my former thoughts of marriage to this boy flew out the window at the first science joke. Still as big as a dork as the day he left!

-Cody was not seen or heard from all through my Christmas holiday.

-High school friends that you didn't truly get along with all that well in high school, will still be equally as annoying. even when you haven't seen them for a year.

-Christmas presents are a lot more fun to get on Christmas. I happened to have opened the majority of my presents before I went home. Which was kind of upsetting on Christmas, when every one was so surprised to get a new camera or a new crock pot, and I was not surprised to get the same walmart 3 pack of lotion I have got every year for the past 3 years. I'm not complaining they did add a delightful melon sent to the pack this year. I'm just saying, it pays to hold off sometimes.

-Southern Alberta is always a good place to vacation when you would like to stay a little bit longer than you planned. Why is that you may ask??? because 85% of the time there will be some freak weather change like 5 feet of snow on Christmas day, and you will be stuck there, until the next freak weather change in a day or two. When the snow all melts in plus 16 weather.

-only at Christmas can you find room for 27 people to sleep in a 5 bedroom house. and only the dedicated try to feed them breakfast lunch and dinner for 4 days.

- It never seems to not shock me how other people have grown. Yes I am very different than the day I left my hometown, I have change a ton. But I never expect anyone els to change. And yet the phrase "look how big he's gotten" came out of my mouth at least a dozen times. And when I realized the nieces were both talking in full sentences and dressing themselves, It was kind of like discovering My lovely blond haired blue eyed little nieces had been abducted. people grow up even after you move away.

well I'm sure theres a lot more, but all in all it was a good Christmas filled with the people that I love. But I am more than happy it is over and I'm back in my bed. And that there isn't mass amounts of 4 year olds climbing up and down me. I hope your Christmas' where as good as mine. well maybe minus the food sickness that occured after BG took me for Chinese food on the way there! time to get back to life.

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