Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank Heavens its Friday!

So despite my best efforts to enjoy this week, it hasn't happened. The job just isn't doing it for me anymore. Two days ago I almost was flashed by a post baby mama, who was desperate to find out her bra size. Lady I have been trained to do this, so when I say you can keep your clothes on I MEAN IT! ew. as if i ever wanted to see that. ew. Besides that the words "Cathy if you don't put your head set on I will have to write you up" came out of my managers mouth today. Write me up? and say what? I don't have a headset on, so you had to do that bra fitting your self! or is it becasue I wont be up to date on every thing happening in Garage? cuz they sure talk alot on our head sets. I mean honestly the store isn't THAT big. and I feel foolish when I'm trying to help a customer and have to say "Um can you wait like two seconds to talk? I can't hear you over the other store which won't stop talking in my ear!" or even more foolish when my store starts talking to me and I start talking to them back, and the customers look at me like "Why is this chick talking about bra's to herself, man shes worked here to long!"
All in all I have to say that the fun of this job is officially worn off. Makes me miss the good old days at T's, where even though I was ready to pull my hair out with boredom, at least I wasn't being flashed by 40 year old women. T's good at keeping her clothes on, it's was Mr. O I had to look out for!

So one Missionary down one to go. Elder Fox comes home like any day now......not that I wrote to him that much lately. It's amazing how fast 2 years goes by. Theres a few things I hope this mission did For Elder Fox.
A) He learnt to clean.
B) He became more social...and less computer nerd.
How ever it is month 6 for Elder Hatch. I play a game with him, every month I send him some thing that represents how many months he's been out. month four was a post car of the beatles (4 beatles, 4 months) and this month is was a pink unicorn card that said "3+3=6" (I know creative hey!) either way when I stopped to think how many months its been since he left, I was rather flabbergasted. 6 months, that only leaves 18 months for me to get into a serious relationship or married, before he gets home, and I have to break it to him again, that I don't see him like that. I better get on that!

My little bro is at state championships for his high school football team tonight! go bulldogs! I am very proud of my little bro. I spent many days worried that he would grow up to be a video gaming pansy, who cried all the time. It is good to know that he became the opposite ( I'm sure the constant beating on him helped that!) but that isn't why I'm actually proud of little bro. mostly its good to see him do something he loves, and it's even better to see him live a dream. Now if I could just get him to keep the football video games in his room, where I never have to watch them again. Things will be perfect! lol. good luck little bro!

So tonight in the big city is the metallica concert. Lauraj, Wilbur, and Din are attending. Last night she texted "Hey can we crash at your place after the concert?"
the first thought was "um......nice of you to ask the night before."
the second thing that came to mind is "man how are the girls that sleep downstairs going to react when they come traipsing down the stairs, and see two rather large Indian guys, dressed in black, smelling of beer, laying on their floor?"
Of course, since in the words of Court "there are no rules in this house" I said yes. however after saying this I realized I don't really want them here. just lauraj, yes. But not the whole crew. it's hard enough to feed my self, let alone two stoned men. lucky for me she cancelled last second, leaving me to have a great night watching August Rush (HOLY CRAP! so good!!! I cried for like 10 minutes afterwards!) and spend the night with my soon to be departing favourite roomie.

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