Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I said it would never happen.......

A few times in my life I have made the bold statement, "I will never do____"
Once it was "I will never move to lethbridge".
Once it was "I will never move to Calgary".
And Once it was "I will never go to BYU".
well I did move to Lethbridge, followed by a move to Calgary, and guess what now I am trying to get into BYU.
I guess I should stop saying never. It all happened while watching the RM over Christmas. A small voice said to me, go to BYU. Which was an answer to the question of the month. All month long I had been thinking, I dont know what I going to do with my life, I dont feel like Mt. Royal is the place to go, I don't even feel Europe is the place to go (which was a shock, because I always feel Europe is the place to go.) So there sitting on the couch with my adopted family it dawned on me, I need to go to BYU. I felt that I need to go to BYU Idaho, but of course because I have a passion to live in a destination that feels foreign, I decided to try for BYU Hawaii as well.

First step- Take the ACT's
this is a scary step for someone who has been out of high school a year and a half. But I payed for the test and prep courses so I might as well jump in with both feet. So once I take this test April 4th, I can apply to BYU.
Of course taking a test with a bunch of kids that started high school the year I graduated, didn't sound all that appealing to me. So I opted to taking it at the college in the bridge, due to the fact that the big city doesn't have any place to take the test.
So calling all math experts, science nerds and history buffs. I need some good tutors.

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