Tuesday, December 9, 2008

gossip girl generated tears.

So if you dont know I have a slight obsession with GOSSIP GIRL.
it is the best show ever.
last night after work i settled in to watch the episode I had been dieing to see. and then it reached this part....

which was followed by.....

that was it I lost it.... you see I have always been in love with the character of chuck bass, and i have always related with blare. and when their love story stared to pan out, it mimicked Cody and I. this moment brought me to tears, I watched the last 3 months of our friendship play (slightly more glamorously) out in front of my eyes. but then this scene came.

the only difference is he never left a note.
I lost it, I called laura and cried and cried. And I realized that it always ends that way, I always wake up alone, I never save him. he just gets worse and worse and worse.
The End
so touche gossip girls, I don't know how you can read my mind, but you sure did, think I could make a cut for what happens next. it's a really empowering story.

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