Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Holiday Season

December is a busy month, people pile in and out of stores. Streets jam up with people hauling 5 pounds of extra weight around their arms. Post offices become a war zone, money flies from one hand and out the other. Snow starts to fall, and people realize that Christmas is coming up fast. I can always tell when Christmas is getting really close, especially in the city. Christmas=Money=Love. I have always been greatly apposed to the whole Christmas notions, but then again I have had people trying to buy my love since I was born. regardless, Christmas has always been about love to me. because even though I hate the busy, consumer driven crowds, I do love the Christmas Season. So This Christmas season I want to spread a little love.
So In honour of the 12 Days of Christmas I will be posting the 12 Love stories of Christmas. Love of families, love of friends, love of soul mates (I'm not going to lie theres gonna be a lot of the latter!)In hopes that this Christmas season you will feel the love, even while standing in a line that will take an hour to get through!
My First story comes strait from the pages of another blogger. Who I think is desperately fabulous! I stumbled across the blog "Clever girl goes blog" about 6 months ago, Tia is a brilliant writer by night, hair dresser by day. Last night I read a post she wrote that brought me to tears! I hope you enjoy her post, and please continue to read her blog shes a great writer and tons of fun!


I hope you love it as much as I did!

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