Wednesday, December 17, 2008

one day

for those of you on my facebook page you should know that I leave for home in just one day!!!! it gets better after a visit with my bff BG, he decided that he would go to the temple on friday, and I offered for him to drive me home (with of course, a nice sum of cash for gas).
I know what some of you that know BG are thinking....good luck with that, 2 hours in a car with the deepest thinker on the planet. But it I would hands down chose 2 hours of mind stimulating conversation with my cousin/Bff, then have to endure 3 hours of hard seats no heat and random strangers that usually smell like something rotten. Plus I do like BG, so I' am rather excited.

Another reason to be excited is I have a job interview tomorrow. At an finances company! (this is really only exciting to me, and maybe T. cuz she had to put up with me applying for a billion jobs online and getting no calls back. well it took 2 months but it worked T! good thing we didn't hold our breathes!) So tomorrow I will brave the corporate world one more time, and attempt to pull my self out of the bra and pantie company and into the the world of Financial planning!
So I asked my manager today if I could leave a half hour early to get there with plenty of time. and she said no, of course. She followed that up with a, "you realize LaSenza expects your second job to work around your hours here." I almost laughed out loud.....but quickly saved my self with a"oh yeah of course."
As if I would tell that to a job that will pay at least 12 bucks an hour and give me perfect hours!

well this will most likely be the last post until Christmas. So Merry Christmas bloggers! hope you get what you wanted, and you feel the love this christmas.

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Tiffany said...

Yes, T is very excited for the prospect of a job in the Financial world. T is also excited for your week off with your pals. But avoid some of them, cause they are toxic. And T is even more excited to give you your christmas gifts. But after New Years....cause you know that T is heading to B&BW....YES!! Have a great Christmas Week. Love you lots, miss talking to you.