Thursday, November 27, 2008

The art of manipulation

manipulation is something I am terrible at. I have tried the puppy face, nothing. The crocodile tears, still nothing. I've tried about ever trick in the book. bottom line manipulation is not in my being.
Since I moved to the bridge i got slightly better at it. and since I move to the big city, I have gotten even better.
All of this was revealed to me last night. I had just got home from a crazy day at work, and was doing my usual facebook routine, when suddenly I got a message.
from who you ask? well try to guess.

let me back track a bit about a month ago I had a conversation with Cody, and told him I would always be his friend, there was nothing he could to do change that. I made a promise (to me a promise is like a sign sealed and delivered contract, not to be broken, I honestly cannot remember the last time i broke one.) Well I sure do know how to hang my self over and over again, don't I?
2 weeks later I had a deep desire to call it off all together, I would have traded my soul for a a way out of that gay friendship.
returning to last night.

Cody says: So Me and Andrea are friends again
Me: I know
Cody: How?
Me: I can figure things out you know.
Cody: yeah, but how
me: facebook
Cody: how on facebook
Me: It doesn`t matter
Cody: Humour me
Me: your status
Cody: see now how hard was that
Me: very
Cody: out of curiosity why was it hard.

this is the part of the conversation where I went, why did I say very I don't care at all. I just really wish he would stop talking to me!
And then It happened, it was like it was as natural as peeing (sorry that's the most natural thing i could think of at the moment.) I guess I picked up on how much Cody had manipulated me over the years. I said something purely for the fact that I knew he would react badly. but in no way what so ever felt like this.

Me: Cuz that means that I look at your profile, and still care about you as a friend, when you clearly don`t care about me as a friend at all. (notice all the ``as a friend`s`)
Cody: you know what I`m not doing this, F you. (but add an uck to that F)
Me: ok bye!

the conversation soon escalated more and more. I was saying these things that I didn`t even feel at all, just so he would get madder and madder. I knew just what to say to push each and every button he had. and I couldn't stop myself from doing it!
Soon I received a text message saying that he was sick and tired of this (still not positive what this was) and that he had had enough, our friendship was over. Those word set me free.
So I can keep my soul from the devil after all.
I quickly reply with ok Cody, but remember you chose this.
which was followed by swears and anger.
I quickly wrote him a facebook message saying all the things I had kept from him about me leaving the bridge. and then that was it
I am no longer legally bond to Cody Healy. wow that's great to say.
So my fine blogger fiends, If you get anything form this get these:

A) don't be hasty to sell your soul, eventually you can find a way out!

B) Manipulation is an art form that is easily learnt, easily used, and there for should only be used in times of need (see above statement)

C) This will be the last blog post about Cody (I hope!)his number has been deleted in my phone, his facebook profile deleted, all pictures and notes have been burn, so I am finally free to move on. He gave me my life back just like that.

D) I guess I`m going to need to find another man to write about, this time lets go with, not a manipulating jerk, and possibly could he be good looking fun and have a soul, and not attract drama like honey attracts pooh bear! cuz those were all things I miss out on by having Cody around.

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