Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The New Life

So things are pretty good.
I have a house full of amazingly amazing room mates. Each of them are the bomb (some more than others) I actually am going to miss Shona ans Arianna when they leave next month! I don't think I have ever laughed so much with anyone.....well thats a lie. i laugh so hard I'm close to peeing my pants with BG.....and T's pretty funny herself!
having good room mates makes everything so much happier! so here hoping the next batch of girls is as good as the last.
I also move out of this closet in a month and up to a big persons room! I have picked the smallest room of the 3 big rooms, but hey I don't have THAT much stuff! plus I like that it's brown, it matches the colour scheme of my bed.
Boy's are still looking pretty slim....however NP (my perfect man) did just break up with his girlfriend, now all he needs to do is get his butt back here from the far east and marry me and everything will be perfect! lol
The job is going good. I have just acquired a new manager from H-E-double L. but since I live on the complete opposite side of the big city, thats easy to fix. 2 words "Transfer please!" and I will be whisked away to a location far closer to my house! gotta love living far away!

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