Thursday, November 20, 2008

It got old

Lately all lot has been getting old so heres a few things that are just getting old.

1. counting down to twilight. all my friends are seeing it tonight (losers!)so my excitement is rather lost cuz I know they will wreck it for me. and well to tell you the truth I love twilight, but it's just a movie. It's kinda like Christmas it's exciting for a few weeks but then its just not all that exciting anymore. so go enjoy Twilight!

2. trying to keep any kind of relationship with Cody. I thought well we can still be friends, I don't love him but hey, I did say I will always be here for him! I was wrong, not cuz I still love him no. Cuz he is stupid and blew up on me about going to a third world or some crap like that, when I told him he wouldn't go to Japan on his mission, because he only wanted to go there cuz his best friend is serving there. what I did not tell him is that I doubt he's even remotely worthy to serve a mission and most likely wont go on one.(I'm to Christ-like to say things like that) either way, I came to the conclusion I'm not just tired of loving him, I'm tired of him. He knows where I am if he needs me he can find me.I'm checking out of this stupid friendship.

3. Christmas music, I do realize there is still like a month to go, but I have been listening to the same 3 Christmas CDs at work for 2 weeks. I may have to shoot the next person that says "I love Christmas music!". It maybe that Christmas is my least favourite holiday, or it may just be that there is only about 20 Christmas songs known to man, and about 700 different remakes. either way Christmas music is getting way old.

4. Crazy people and buses why is it that only crazy people sit next to you on the bus?? why is it that edward cullens doesn't sit next to me on the bus and realize I am his bella? i look crazy? do I look like I care just how much money you spent on your meds this month, I know I do look kind, but kind doesn't mean I enjoy having a conversation about your lack of breast. And kind really doesn't mean I want to give you bra advice in front of all these people (especially that good looking one next to me) could you at least stop abusing your craziness and lower your voice! I mean I don't want to hear about your desired chest size, and that guy at the back doesn't either! there is no reason why you can't look out the window and not be crazy to me!

5. people that one text you. one texting goes like this
"Cathy guess what happened today!?"
Cathy: what?
I wait patiently for a reply, one hour goes by, two. then I text again:
"hello, what happened?"
three hours go by, four hours, and I give either A) had a good day B) saw something scandalous or C)something different happened but you were killed before telling me.....either way I'm not going to find out. so I move on with my life, but find it annoying.

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jlamm said...

haha, this is hilarious!