Sunday, November 2, 2008

To A Friend

Sometimes I understand you.
Sometimes the way your are makes perfect scenes.
Sometimes I understand why you feel like you can't trust me.
Sometimes I can see a spark of what you think about yourself in your eyes.
Sometimes I want to run. To not love, to not try. That would be easier.
Sometimes I can feel you hurt. Even from miles away.
Sometimes I don't blame you for still holding on to what you were.
I should be able to understands being afraid of your past.
Sometimes I can't.
Sometimes I try to relate to you, but it never works out. The only thing I truly understand about the way that you are, is your mother. I understand the Hell you see every time you are forced to confront her. That is something that I breath everyday.
Sometimes I wish I could save you. To take you into my arms and protect you like a child.
Sometimes I think it's possible to be the one to save you. Just like that.
Sometimes I cry for you. I know the healing power of a tear. Unfortunately my tears for you, change nothing.
Sometimes I spend hours searching for the answers to your pain, but never seem to find them.
Sometimes it scares me to imagine darkness in this world, because I often find it hard it see through the light.
Sometimes I spend hours praying that you feel love. Love from me, Love from him, and Love from you.
Sometimes I know he watches over you. When your bones should be broken, when you should be dead.
Sometimes I know it's for me he watches you.
Sometimes I know it's for you.
Sometimes I look at you and all I can see is my own broken heart.
Most of the time I look at you and can only see yours.
Sometimes I know you love me.
Sometimes that makes thing worse.
Sometimes I find it in my being to forgive you.
Sometimes I can barely breathe between all the pain you cause me.
Sometimes I think I can stop loving you.
Sometimes I am right.
Sometimes I know that even when you say you don't, you still need me.
Sometimes you are so wrong it scares me.
All of the time I am here waiting to catch you, Hoping to strengthen you, Praying to save you from the man that steals you away.
All of the time you are loved in secret or in truth.

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