Monday, November 17, 2008

How It Feels To Be Over You!

Something I never thought I would get to write about! I'm over Cody! It is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced! EVER!
I have my Emotions back, he can't control them at all! and he hates it. But I love It!
How it feels to be over you, is kind of how it would feel to win the lottery. Or have a 67 mustang convertible delivered to my door by Robert Pattinson himself.
Getting over you is kinda the biggest thing I did EVER! moving on from you is kind of like kicking off the pair of shoes I wear to work that kill my feet. Be happy without you is just like breathing.
I do have to say the best part of being over that your still not over me. and how you react when I don't react. I maybe a little sadistic, or maybe I just like watching you try so hard to hurt me, and watching it slide off. The greatest thing is listening to you throw a tantrum, and having it not even effect me in the slightest.
This is how it feels to be over you, and it is amazing! I wouldn't give up how it feel to be without you, to be with you ever again. Because I have never felt so strong, i have never felt so in control, I have never felt so whole. and all it took was to let go of my feelings for you.
Being over you is realizing that I don't need you. and really believing it. Being over you is feeling like I am that girl I was before, the one who was strong and confident, the one who could walk into a room of people and walk out with 10 new friends.
Being over you is realizing that I'm to amazing, to beautiful, to free spirited to be with someone as hurtful and ugly inside as you are.
Being over you is freedom.

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jlamm said...

um, please tell me your secret. ASAP.