Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Thing About Room Mates

The thing about room mates is that they are always very unique. Always. My last room mates each had things that made them shine, and had things that made me want to kill them. But I loved them for the most part.
Now I get to discover room mates all over again! which I do enjoy (not even being sarcastic!) I love learning peoples personalities, I don't however like finding out that they are impossible to live with.

Any ways

My NEW and improved room mates!(For the most part)
right now there is 6 of us. all members (I think)3 upstairs and three downstairs.

Roomie #1 Courtnay...Don't know much about her, except that she is having a ruff time due to stress about moving to Utah in January... I don't judge her for that, been there turned into the super bitch as well. She seems like she is a rather cliquey girl, who doesn't mind new people terribly but you wont really be noticed until she learns to trust you. she is the ring leader of the house, and for the most part keeps to her self.

Roomie #2 Ariana....She is way cute, and way friendly. I've been here 4 days and have already been out with her twice. she is super random, she has one of those "Hey look at me" personalities. Which isn't bad. She is second in command, And is good at befriending just about anyone. She is also super glam. she has nice nice clothes and hair and make up. even after waking up she looks like she walked out of a seventeen magazine.

Roomie #3....It's sad but I haven't actually caught her name! she moved in the day after me, but got a big room...good thing I'm not picky or that could have pissed me off a lot! anyways shes really nice, and is here for a year on a visa. She is from either Ireland Scotland or Liverpool, I haven;t got a chance to sit down with her and chat yet. But I am most excited to get to know her. But from the little i have talked to her she seems super friendly.

That is the three upstairs girls.

Roomie #4 Candise....Shes nice, she keeps to her self, shes not a out there personality, but she can hold a conversation. Shes really nice, she's moving to The Bridge in January... the funny thing is when I first met her I thought "Wow she fits the bridge stereotype." I like her, she aspires to be a lawyer, and has a degree in sign language.

Roomie #5 Sam.... Sam Is interesting. the first time I met her was at church. She was wearing a short black leather shirt and a red plaid top tied up(she had a shirt underneath covering her stomach. and long blonde un showered hair, with black leather ankle boots. Not something you usually see at a mormon gathering. How ever I had a nice chat with her, she seem like she is very sure of her self. she is EXTREMELY real. But nice, we get along pretty well, but I also see some arguments in our future. Ariana filled me in on her. She was banished to the smallest room in the house in the basement, because of her dog. Which is not house trained and craps all over the house. and Is rather neglected (however she has been told the dog goes or she does). She apparently doesn't shower much and is a slob. of course I was a little shocked today when I was making dinner and she came prancing through the house in a skimpy towel she was holding together in the back. Not that I don't run through the hall every morning with a towel on....but then again I did just get out of the shower. and I'm not wandering through the house. She never did take a shower....so maybe she was just airing herself out? either way it was a little shocking.

despite the interesting personality traits of each of these girls, I'm really liking it here. I hope it will only get better, since 3 girls are moving out In January that means I will have 3 more personalities to experience. Oh well at least I get to move up to a big room!

The nice thing about not knowing any of these girls before hand, is that it will take a while for them to learn enough about me, to give life pointers....which was a frequent problem with my last room mates!

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