Friday, November 7, 2008


How a scared, small town girl; who felt broken and hurt became a new women; ready to take on the big city and meet new people.

The feeling that you FINALLY turned your life around, am look at the girl you once were and smile that your a billion times better now.

The process of making a new life for yourself.

Over coming those obstacles that were holding you back, and letting the traumatic hard experiences shape you into a new person.

Putting your life in Gods hands and saying "I'm ready for you take take control, let's make this life great!"

I got a job! and I'm looking for a place in the big city as I type.....Things worked out, huh go figure! well it's funny how good I feel, It's like I transformed, all it took was the words "Can you start Monday?" I so ready to get this life going it's ridiculous! wish me luck bloggers I'm on my way to great things!

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