Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Remembrance Day, I do realize that this is a day to remember fallen solders and their fight for our freedom. But on Remembrance Day I often skip that part, I am very grateful for them men and women that fought so I could sit here and freely express myself. I would not even want to imagine a world where I couldn't tell you that I don't support war, and violence. A world where I couldn't have the freedom to support a greener earth, and all the morals and values I have embraced. So don't get me wrong when I say for me Remembrance day is a day for me to remember a man who meant a lot to me.
My Grandfather Roy Coppin, served in WW2. And because of that Remembrance Day has become my day to remember the life of my Grandfather.

My Grandpa died when i was 14, but I lost him long before that. he went in for a surgery to save his life, and it saved his body, but not his mind.
The greatest honour I ever had was when I found out the even though he lost basically all of his memory, he remembered me and my brother. my Grandpa was not a Good father, but he was the perfect Grandpa. I never felt un-loved when he was around.
He use to carry one of those money dispensers that hold loonies and twoonies. Every time he saw my or my brother he would give us a dollar or two. he was always full of hugs.
He was the only Grandpa I ever knew, and he made up for the fact that I never got to know my Grandpa Shipley's love. He had enough love to fill both spots.

My favourite Memory of my Grandfather in his last years, showed that even though he was slipping away part of him was still there.
I was visiting my grandparents, and my Grandpa was in pretty bad shape (he was moved to a home about 3 months later, his memory basically gone) I was left home with him while my Grandma went shopping. He was really easy to watch, because he would just lay on the couch and watch channel 2 (the news channel that you have to read) for hours. I was sitting next to him reading a book, and he looked up. He looked at me and said "Hunny where's Elenor?" I stopped and looked at him and said "She is shopping Grandpa." which was followed by his response, "Dam women always spending my hard earned cash on useless crap!" which was followed by a few more curse words, and then snoring.

My Grandpa was amazing man, and even though he made many mistakes, he will always be someone I hold dear to my heart.

And so my remembrance day is filled with good memories of a grandfather friend and solder. Someone who played a small role in the war, but a large role in my life.

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