Wednesday, March 30, 2011

11. Goals

It's very fitting that 2 days before I leave the topic is goals. Hum goals, well up until about a month ago my only goal was to survive. Now life is more optimistic, and since I am about to start a new chapter in my life I think writing some goals is just about right.

1. Men. My first goal is to find a balance. I've never really been concerned about finding the one, until a guy casts me a tidbit of attention. Then suddenly my calm, cool, collected self, becomes a anxious, jealous wreck. My first goal as a college graduate, is to remain cool, calm and collected until I find someone who is actually worth the stress. But then if he's worth it I dont think there will be a need for Cathy psycho-woman to emerge.

2. Second goal, get a car. Before the beginning of the summer. It's literally been 3 years since I first said, "I'm saving up for a car!" Some car I should have by now. Yeah, I think my wardrobe can take a hit until I can afford a little rust bucket and the insurance for it.

3. One thing that I should do a lot more is give more energy to those who give it back. Stephanie and Stephen, Tiffany and Casey, Zach, Jessica McCrea. That's just the short list. No more energy goes to the Bryans of the world.

4. SAVE MONEY! Like seriously why is this so hard to do! I would like to save $2000 this year. For no planed reason, other than having a surplus of $2000.

5. Okay I know realistically this is a lot of money saved but I will leave North America this year. I don't know where, or how long. BUT this year I will finally conquer one of my life long dreams and step foot in a different continent.

6. Be stable. I would like to feel stable for once this year. I want to get an apartment and not know in one year I'll be moving. I want to decorate it, make it my own. I want to buy things and not think "actually why get this, it's just going to be a pain in the ass to move." And who knows maybe get a dog!

7. I want a good job, in my field. That I make over $10,000 a year at.

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