Monday, March 28, 2011

9. Favorite TV shows

Okay this is a fun one. I have about a hundred favorite shows, like I said earlier I get a little TV obsessed,  probably because my life in general is really dull. Okay so here they are, my current favorite TV shows!

I just started watching Prison Break, so far so good. Though it doesn't have the addictive quality the rest of my shows have had on me.
This is the first season of the Apprentice that I have actually watched. But you gotta love watching classic celebs go head to head....
 I could talk about Departures forever! or say log on to CityTV's website and see for your self why I love this show!
 Who doesn't love Glee? It's a whole hour of good songs, and good looking men!
 This show is my 2nd all time favorite show! I mean come on....It's LEGN...wait for it....DARY!
 My life as Liz is an MTV show about a girl just out of high school, surviving New York, heart break, and life with out her Nerd Herd. It's kind of "the Hills" esk. As it's her actual life (but I'm pretty sure most of it is scripted) Regardless Liz reminds me of my BFF Laura, and well is just addicting!
 Even though I lost the bad guy, I still watch Survivor. No decision on wither I'll watch once Rob is gone... But I can't deny Boston Rob my weekly love.
I LOVE TEEN MOM. I'm a bit of a reality TV junkie. But this season is just as good as the last. And the Babies are So CUTE!
 Number one all time favorite TV show. I'm not a big Vampire fan, but seriously there's something appealing about these Vampires.....especially Eric Northman. Can't wait for season four to start!

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