Monday, March 21, 2011

2. Somethng that stresses you out.

Page Design. I know that if you have never had to put a Newspaper page together, you can't full understand how stressful it is. So here's how it goes.
First you spend about an hour trying to either shorten a very poorly written newspaper story into a small space. Or your creating a custom graphic to fill the left over space, because the writer didn't care to make it more than 40 words.
Then you move graphics, text, and so much more all around a page until it fits
Then once you think it's right you send it to proof.
It comes back looking like it was massacred. And you need to moved things closer, fix the spell of a grammatically retarded print student, lighten photos, change leading, re-work entire pages!
And lets not forget that when you ask a question, you are publicly humiliated.
Then you fix it all.
Proof it by a much nicer student proofer.
Listen to the teacher talk about how you should be finished by now.
Fix those correction.
Proof it one more time 
Listen to them nag about putting it online.
PDF it, put it online.
And run out of that room like you never have before.
And so concludes the largest stress in my life.
I know it may not sound so stressful, but  imagine working on one page for over 4 hours and then picking up a newspaper the next day only to see they replaced your entire page with a full page story of a guy who got charge with child porn.
Luckily for me, I'm on newspaper promotion this week, which means I have put together my last page for the Lethbridge College Endeavour!

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