Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3. Your siblings and parents

This is the Coppin/Campbell family (minus Chris). This picture is the most recent photo of all of use. And in my personal opinion the best. because seriously we have a whole slew of awful family pictures. One in perticular that I unfortunately dont have a copy of, hangs in our dinning room. It's of us 5 at Disneyland. Besides that being the worst family vacation in the history of vacations, we all look pretty ruff. You know what is better than writing about how much you love each of your family members? Posting ridiculous photos of each of them! Sorry guys, good thing only one of you reads this blog!

Good Christmas gift to my family? professional photos.

And of course here are some single shot highlights of my family. Love you all.
This photo isn't bad. I just now she will love to see it up on my blog!

This one is about as close to the Disneyland picture you guys are going to get!

That's it guys. That's my beautiful family.

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