Sunday, March 20, 2011

The count down

You may or may not know that in 13 short days I will be closing this chapter of my life and opening a new one. Strangely this chapter begins at T's house again (note 3 years ago I was doing this same thing, minus the running away from controlling man part, oh and not having a diploma part).
So here I sit 13 days until I reach a mile stone in my life... Whats a mile stone with out a count down?
Well I found this 15 day challenge on a friends blog. Since there's only 13 days until I leave I reserve the right to ditch two of the 15 days.

So this is my 13 day challenge count down to the end...bye bye Bridge, I'm going back to the big city (after a short stay in a smaller city with T)!

Day 1 - Self portrait picture, and 13 interesting facts
Day 2 - Something that stresses you out
Day 3 - Your siblings and parents
Day 4 - Something you're looking forward to
Day 5- pictures of things that make you happy
Day 6 - A song that makes you cry
Day 7 - Favorite movies
Day 8- Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 9 - Favorite TV shows
Day 10 - What you believe
Day 11 - Goals
Day 12 - Some pictures you love
Day 13 - pictures of your dream house

1. This is one of my favorite pictures, I haven't been able to display it in a long time (thanks to personal choices to have a jerk in my life) That girl kissing me in the photo was a great friend, and I wish her all the best. 
2. I am afraid of birds, I developed a fear of pigeons while taking the C-Train back and forth when I was last in Calgary. It has now developed into a fear of ALL birds...  
3. I one day plan on running my own design business. Most likely using my blog's title as the name. It will be a advertising design firm/photography studio with a gallery in the front. 
4. I get kind of obsessively weird with TV shows. If I like a show, I'll watch it, talk about it, change my cell phone and computer background  pictures to it, quote it and all in all fall in love with it. Until I finish the season and move on to the next show I obsess with. I think it all started with Degrassi the next generation. There has been a large string of show since. Gossip Girl, Glee, Departures, How I met your Mother, Instant Star, True Blood, and the list goes on.

5. I hate stuffed animals. 95% of the time when I see them a small rage about how useless they are builds up inside of me. The other 5% of the time I have "AW that's so cute" moment. Mostly when they are super duper soft. I have 2 stuffed animals. One is an orange cat I got from my Grandma Coppin when I was like 4, her name is Tabby Cat and she looks permanently angry because my mom washed her and her fur got all matted in angry eyebrows. The other is a white bear my mom gave me, and for reals the only reason I still have that one is I think my mom would kill me if I got rid of him. 

6. I never really thought I had a style, until I did a major cleaning of my closet this month. I trashed over half of my wardrobe. What was left? an array of blue,grey, brown, white, and black plain shirts, sweater, and hoodies. And 4 pairs of jeans that all look the same. And a bunch of extremely bright patterned PJ's. Yup I have a style. 
7. I have book ADD. I have a pile of books this high that are all started but not finished. The really good ones in one pile, that not so good ones in another. I love reading, I just usually get half way through and then get distracted.
8. I haven't painted a single thing since B left for China (two years). It has nothing to B being in China (however if that will make you come home for a visit, yes it does your killing my creativity!) it's just the last thing I painted was for him to take with him. I actually think it was an awful picture of a fish... maybe I should redeem my painters rep. However In the past year I really got into comic book art, I now have a whole sketch book of black and red marker pictures of comic book characters.
9. (wow these are ending up being super long!) I just finished packing my room to move. My entire life sits into 4 plastic containers, 2 suite cases, and a laundry basket. And even though that's a great amount to move, it's a sad amount to own! 
10. Remember when I really wanted to get a practicum with the Southern Alberta Art Gallery? And I got the interview but they picked this tragically alternative, I love staving children in Africa, I like dread locks girl from my class? Well recently that girl had to ask me if I could let her design the rest of my ads for the year so she could get enough credit to pass the course. To this I say: Karma. You may have beat me into getting the practicum I wanted (that may I say she didn't deserve) but now you need my help to graduate. Oh and she recently dropped the SAAG practicum. KARMA: When you get passed over for things you really want, and then the people they give it to screw them over.
11. When I was packing my room/ de-junking I had an entire box full of half use Bath and Body Works product to give away. Hello my name is Cathy and I am a Bath and Body Works addict... p.s. has anyone heard if they are hiring ? :)
12. Usually I skip through about 15 songs on my ipod before finding one I want to listen to. No matter what mood I am in, I NEVER change a song by The Postal Service. No reason, their not even my favorite band. I just am always always always in the mood for them.
13. When I left Calgary, I spent a day with my old room mate and friend Nichole. We walked around Down Town Calgary looking at all the artsy things down there. On a table in the lobby of a gallery was two vases and a pad of paper. The pad explained that you were take a piece of paper out of the vase on the left, write down someone/something you wanted to leave behind, stuff it into the other vase and walk away from it. I did. On April 1st I am going to write down one word on a piece of paper place it on the window sill of my room, turn around walk out of my house and never look back. What will that word be? Well it is the only word that can sum up all the good and bad memories I will be leaving behind in this house. Good Bye.

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