Thursday, March 24, 2011

5. Things that make you happy

Oh man this is going to be a good one. Things that make me happy, here we go! Hold on to you socks guys cuz there's a TON that makes me happy.
Overly attractive vampires
Legen.........dary TV shows
 Cute babies! Actually only this baby and his Mommy.
 Pictures of Asland.
 Cute kiss pictures.
 Audrey Hepburn everything
 Ed Westwick.
 Blaire Waldorf
 When Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf kiss.
 Hedgehogs (I mean really they are cute)
 Comic book art.
 This beautiful man. (Aaron Johnson)
 Looking at Jacob Hoggard (still, I haven't out grown him!)
 Sex and the City, and Carrie Bradshaw in general.
 Dogs in wigs.
 Ok so he doesn't make me happy... let is swoon and emotion?
 Peonies my favorite flower.
 These two strapping young men. And their travels.
Corgis, look at this puppy!!! Look at his short, mini legs!
And last but not least anything that has Seth Rogan in it. What would I do if this guy got me pregnant? REJOICE! 
There you have it, the things in life that just make me happy (please note this isn't my serious list. Except for the sexy vampires, Shia LeBoef and Seth Rogan. I don't joke about attractive men.)

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Kendra said...

Mmmm, Ed Westwick makes me happy to :)