Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4, Something you're looking forward to

There's like a million and a half things I am looking forward to. But I mean seriously, I have been planning on traveling around the world since I was about 10. This is the year I leave North America. The picture is from my favorite travel show "departures".  They I believe are in Jordan one of many places I want to see. Instead of listing ALL the places I dream of one day seeing, I'm going to show you. Here we go, Cathy's list of places I dream of seeing in my life time:
 Papa New Guinea
 New Zealand
 North Korea
New York
I think you guys get the point, I could probably upload the entire world. These are just a top few. And I'm not saying I'm going all these places this year (I wish) but one day. The "Help Me Travel The World" fund is now open, now get out those wallets and help me live a dream! :) No? Not even in my dreams? Okay okay you guys don't have to be so mean! lol.

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