Wednesday, December 12, 2007

another day

wow what a day.
events of the day...
davids at last emails me.....the first contact in i dont know like ever! but at least i have discovered why it bugs me so much he never writes me. i have discovered that i truly like david. And for me this is how sending your boyfriend on a mission would feel. cuz i have always liked him. hate to break it to all of those who thought i thought of him as a brother but i never did. and so this is the reason i am so hurt he never writes. but lets not pretend that everyone couldn't guess that.
the Reunion..... i just found 2 of my best friends from wen i lived in the northwest territories. eden and katie. its so tell you the truth i never forgot eden i still think about our dress up days and playing house together sometimes. but i had completely forgot about katie. all but when i left she gave me a polar bear puppet. its so weird i see so much of me in the little i know about them now. eden, i totally called how she was going to be when we where younger. but katie i didnt see that. im not going to lie i am a bit jealous of how awesome katie traveled in her life. i have always wanted to travel but never had the money. all i've see in every part of Alberta. either way i was over joyous to hear from them.
the wedding week....
ok so lindas wedding was amazing. she and james are perfect for each other. but the wedding weekend was just great for me. i got to be with stephy and alex, star, lizzy,mom, i saw blake, and cody. i laughed my face off at Kristien. it made me forget everything about home. and now slowly im getting over the issues i had. the wedding was good for me. really really good for me.
still not over him....
unfortunately i found out i am still not over blake woot! not. i wish i could get over him i dont even know what it is about him. oh well one day. plus i refuse to go there again. my heart has been smashed up by him enough. i think its another boys turn.

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