Thursday, December 13, 2007

sisters basket

so today i got payed! woot woot! and i had a little extra, to spend on me! so i bought art supplies. paint and canvis and stuff. i needed it, or i'll never get my porfolio done. anyways i still have 3 christmas presants to get. Becca, lizzy ,and mama fox. so i found this huge art set for like 7 bucks. becca down. mom well mom i never know what to get her. but then i had this idea for Lizzy.
Im making her a 'sisters love' basket. I have to exsplain. after me and stephy left this summer, it left liz and becca. becca being 10 is not a very good confidant. so lizzy as been down a shoulder to cry on.
so for her Christmas present i am making her a 'sisters love' basket.
This basket consists of this:
one CD full of music her sisters love and is super happy.
chocolate hugs
Chipets (its a me and steph thing)
a small portable bottle of advil
gum/ candy
a journal
a phone card
pen and pencil
love poetry
and notes from your sisters
all the things in the basket are for ruff times she has to go through with out us. Im pretty stoked about this basket. i hope she loves it. cuz i love her and want her to know it.
any ways in other events i painted today its not a great picture. its defiantly different then anything else i painted. but i want to put my emotions and ideas on canvas, and sometimes that takes the form of an abstract color mess. its not bad i kinda like it. i hope i can keep going and not get painters block though.
so today was really warm and i drove to elizabeth's work with her. it was the greatest i swear. it was like the old people came out of hiding. they were all pushing their walkers down the streets full of groceries and stuff. it took us forever to park, because there was all these old people rolling along in front of us.
I personally dont like old people. that sounds so bad. but i have had some bad run In's with them. plus they always have just creeped me out. maybe its just there touchiness....and tat old people smell. i find it totally creepy when old people kiss. my friends all think its so cute but i find it really gross. i only ever met an old man that didnt creep me out. he sat by me on the bus and he smelt like pumpkin pie. i guess it is that old smell that really gets me! im not talking like 60 year old either..... like 77-100 they are creepy. this is why i must die young. i cant just creep myself out.
anyways blogers thats it for today. keep tuned cuz Christmas is coming up. and you know what that means. a pone call from david!!!!!!

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