Saturday, December 29, 2007

some old poetry

here are some poetry from about a year ago.....
its complicated
but you dont understand
how could you?
the hints dont work
the lies seem to
i thought you were smarter than that
i can spell it out for
will that help?
i can summarize it
will that help?
ok here it goes
i love you
i never said that
and met it
but im to afraid to tell you
i dont know how this happened
your amazing
your wonderful
so i guess in the end
its complicated......
its time
time to grow up
forget old fights
thank old friends
for making who i am
take my life into my hands
no more hope for some one else
trust me
stop trying to be something im not
be mean
be nice
be loved
be happy
no more drama
cuz it's time
to be the girl i know i am

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