Friday, December 14, 2007

a list

this is a list of thing that i feel should be a lot more satisfying than they are.

1. any kind of chocolate that you get on sale. its such an amazing thing to get cheap chocolate especially if you are a choco-holic like me. so a couple of days ago, i went into liquidation world, and bought 'Hershey hugs' for so cheep. and i was truly existed about it. until i busted them open, and bit into one, and it crumbled in my mouth. that was so sad. of course i kept eating them. but its the principle. its such a let down.

2. arguing. i personally really like to argue. me and my close friends fake argue all the time. and end up laughing about it right after we say it. but really arguing ,i feel should be more satisfying. i expect to have them laughing by the end. but unfortunately most people take me to seriously. and get hurt instead of laughing it off. i just want to shake these people. and yell at them, my life is way to complicated to be really mad! get over it!

3. dying my hair. for you dying your hair virgins, dying your hair is fun! i dye my hair when i feel its time for a change. and instead of doing something drastic, like moving to china. i dye my hair. of course it doesn't make you feel different. and that's the problem i do it for a change and the feeling last about 30 minutes and then its normal again!

4. taking pictures. i am very bad at it. but i love to do it. so back in the day, when we had to develop film (wow i know i must be old!) all of my pictures came out recked. now in the age of digital cameras i still have little luck. it may be because i have a crappy camera. but needless to say i am so excited to see the picture,s and blah there wrecked.

5. getting payed. this is just about the most exciting thing that happens every 2 weeks. but it is also the biggest let down. imagine with me will you. i've been broke for a week now, and i have a mile list of things i want. i get my pay check and it is way less then i expect, due to Union. so i am already let down a bit. So i march over to the bank to pay my bills. and when that's all over i ask the teller, "how much do i have left in my account?" and she so sweetly reply's "$11.78". great thats like how much it will cost me to see the movie i've been dying to see, and thats it!

6. southern alberta dances. i think that these are about the most horrible things on the face of the earth. but every time you go to one you think, this is going to be so fun. and then you barley dance, the music sucks, and the boys are lame. these are a big let down.

now that the fun is done i must tell you. i hate that cody takes everything far to serious. today we were chatting and i said something and he took it wrong and logged off. first off that really pisses me off. i hate that cuz i feel that i should be able to defend myself. of course we are now in the age old fight of "picking friends". basically cody has 2 sets of friends and they dont hang out with each other. theres laura, me, will, kristy. the ones that liked him before he excepted the church. and james, johnny, andrea. the ones that only took interest in him at the end of grade 12. im not being prejudice. i just feel that cody likes james more than us. and he doesnt see it that way. either way i got over this along time ago. but he still thinks i care but i dont. but he's stupid. that is just the end of it. i refuse to talk about it when he comes home. im just not going to do it.
any ways blogers thats it for today. im off to a Christmas party. im hoping something good happens there. but i doubt it!

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