Monday, December 24, 2007

christmas eve

There has always been a few things about Christmas i just couldn't block out. one is Christmas music. i love it. Alvin and the chipmunks Christmas songs have always been my favorite. when i was 8 years old my mother took me and my younger brother away from our home in the northwest territories, at Christmas time, and to Calgary. The whole way we listened to the chipmunks Christmas tape. it is a childhood memory of mine. I also love the old Christmas songs by Elvis and Bing Crosby, dean martin, and frank Sinatra.
I also have a weakness for lights. I have always loved lights. i have another childhood memory of lights. my uncle took me downtown Calgary one year. i can't remember why. i think it was because i had never seen the lights down town. anyways he drove me around so could look at all the lights it was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen.
another is a Christmas tree. a Christmas tree is just about the best thing about Christmas. not because you get to put presents under it, no. because i loved pulling all of our decorations out, remembering the last Christmas. Having my little brother and mom around me. those where the days.
another great memory is watching the Christmas specials with my little brother every year. you know, Rudolph, frosty the snow man. we would pull out all the old tapes that we had Christmas shows recorded on and just watch them. the Doug Christmas movie, its a wonderful life. all of them.
I honestly have noting bad to say about Christmas eve. for me Christmas eve was full of love from my family, and excitement for the next day. i got to see family and laugh. so as negative as my last post was. Christmas eve , is excluded from being pointless. Christmas eve for my family at least was always about Christ. one year i deiced to make my baby boy cabbage patch doll in to baby Jesus (even tough he was black) and i layed him in a little doll crib under the tree. i then decided that Jesus needed a sister so i put my baby cabbage patch girl under the tree with him. i remember the Christmas story being read each year, or a story about a Christmas miracle. and thats why i love Christmas eve. all the memories it holds for me.
well blogers merry Christmas to all..... i hope you can experience the really miracles of Christmas's this year.

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