Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the finally

ok so finally its my last day of being a single mom! i still have tonight but i can handle it i did how many so far. summary of this weeks events.
at first i wanted to smack my self in the face for saying yes to this again. it wasn't as bad as the summer but i was just not up for it. me and the kids had fun on Sunday night and i even got sleep!
the next day was bad. mostly because i was sick and felt like crap all day long. and i always feel bad just letting them watch TV. ya know. but then im sure tiff doesn't play with them every second of the day, and im sure shes sick sometimes to. anyways we laughed and talked over spaghetti Monday night. and the kids all got to bed kinda late.
Tuesday was a little better. i played a bit with the kids. but im not big on playing i dont know its hard to play with kids sometimes. they are so funny, if you try to be creative and say, "hey this horse is flying!" they go "horses dont fly!" but the next second they'll explain to you how they rode the alligator all the way down the stream. and this is why i dont play to often. its fun when i do. another reason i dont really play is that i am not in a mom mind set. i am still concerned about whats going on in my life and thinking about my stuff. moms dont do that as much cuz their kids are "their stuff". we had wings for supper. this is when the older kids warmed up a bit. they joked and wanted to know about this and that. it was nice. then i developed a head ache from....well a bad one. and the fun and games had to stop but J once again did not sleep.
today is the best. me O and J have played all day long. we ate and laughed and played. and i hope the rest of the night will be fun to.
i think its better this time because im not so serious about it. last time i thought one mess up and tiff will hate me. and i was already scared of her as it was. but now i have gotten over being scared of tiff. i know she wont care as long as her kids are safe, feed, and not crying for help, i think she'll be fine.
Things i have decided the world could be better without (based on this weeks events)
1. dora the explorer....she is the creepiest cartoon ever. i swear that her and her little monkey friend boots, found their older siblings stash of crack. there eyes are just huge and then once and a while they'll say something and the stop and just stare at the screen. its so creepy. and the fact that she has an American acsent until she says a random Spanish word really pisses me off. and as if that dang map doesn't scare the pants off of every child. it scared me when it just came flying out of the screen!
2. any grown person that dresses like a freakin idiot and dances around national TV for money is just low and annoying. ( to list a few the doodle bops, those girls on treehouse) WHY why do they think it is entertaining? i dont even think kids like it i think they just stare at the screen in horror!
3. snap up PJ's for baby's. ok come on. baby's eat cry poop and laugh and then poop and poop and poop. why in the world would you buy or make PJ's that take about 15 minutes to put on and take off. dont you just wanna be able to get to the diaper fast and put the pants on fast before the kid starts crying?
4. telemarketers. stop calling my house. i am taking care of a baby and a three year old the flight of stair is far and the portables are dead. every time you call i have to run to the phone. all the while listening to the baby scream cuz i left it. be a desent person. STOP CALLING ME!
those are four of the main ones.
but truly i really did like this get away. it made me stop thinking about all of the crap that happens to me in real liffe. matea, work, boys, just everything its been a nice breather. and with Linda's wedding to round out the weekend, and getting to be with steph and alex, and getting to see cody. it will make all of the stress just go away and i will function again.
so heres a tip if ever you feel like you just need to escape. babysit. and then spend a good day at least, with someone you love. well bloggers thats it for my week as a mom. but you can read on for what happens to me and how the hippy @ heart takes it all.
P.S. family wedding this weekend that could be entertaining!

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juliette pouwer said...

you deserve a gold star! And you are starting to sound like Tiff with your opinions, TOO FUNNY!
They are good kids, but sometimes mommy is all they want. And sometimes surviving means that the day went well :D
ps I'm still trying to figure out the playing thing, kids are just better at it :D