Saturday, December 1, 2007

mom for a day

ok so i have once again agreed to babysit my 4 second cousins for my cousin tiff. these kids are great. i mean there so fun. and yes the whaling and constant arguing can get on my nerves, but so do my room mates. the only difference is that my room mates bug me more ( at this moment). so events for today:
the re-uniting...
so i baby sat them all in the summer for a week, but i don't think the younger ones remember me. especially J. so S waved and said hi, T did the same, both of the remember me. but O says "i don't remember what you are?". of course my reunion with J was rather good. T brought him out from his nap ( bonus for me, a person he cant remember waking him up would have freaked him out....not that my aunt cared as she rushed out the door today.) and he sat and stared at me as i cook pancakes for the kids.
they wanted pancakes. and any normal person would say "hey pancakes, i can do that" but me oh no. i can cook don't get me wrong im actually a good cook. but pancakes are my down fall. the last time i made pancakes the whole house got sick! but i reluctantly with the help of T, made pancakes...SURPRISE! they turned out A O K.... so i now can add perfect golden brown pancakes to my list of thing i can cook. But then T turns on music and O and S are just... well for lack of better terms...cutting a rug. we're laughing and cooking and just having fun. which is a change cuz i believe the last time i was here no one had fun not even me.
After dinner escapades....
so as mouths were fed, and home work done, we had to find a way to fill 3 hours. TV of course is always part of it. but so was hide and go seek. J being so small remained in his high chair as we played. I finally felt he had had enough time to get to know me and hid by his chair. this is when a miracle happened. he was ok with me! we played and laughed and i was yelled at by O "stay down i want to find you!" after hide and go seek we watch the Americas pass time TV.
Bed time.... (dum dum dum!)
as the dreaded bed time rolled near J became very angry with me. due to a few things.
first he was tired beyond compare and that i was not his mother. i had one out of 4 in bed and 1 almost down when the screaming began. like the sound of running someone over...J screamed and screamed. at last he woke up S and T came to my rescue! the 2 calmed him. so S went back to bed T headed there too. and O fell asleep during the commotion (in true o style.)
Then there were 2....
as the minutes turned to hours, J refused to sleep. but finally at last he layed his head on the couch ( with defeat... well not really but it felt like a victory) and i carried him to bed. and so ends my day of being a mom.
well almost i will shower because i may not get time tomorrow. and then up to get them to school on time (7:30... i cant remember the last time i was up that early). But no amount of screaming and crying can scare me away. i know that it will be close to this, but not the same when i have kids. because first im their mother kids are always less screamy with their moms than a babysitter. and second my husband will be there to help me. well bloggers i guess that's all for tonight but stay posted cuz i still have 3 more days of this, im sure it will get interesting.

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